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    If somebody scoped your skating spot via satellite while you were in mid-swagger on one of our new Ace x Shut Skateboards Dazzle Camo Decks we’re not sure if they’d be frankly overwhelmed by your freshness or just not see you at all. Therein lies the mystery of dazzle — patterns used by US and British naval ships to stay off the radar during the war to end wars, and the one that followed shortly after. The camouflaging properties of dazzle are an unsettled science but its flyness has been a matter of public record since naval camofleurs and Cubists began to infiltrate and inspire each other’s respective circles. Our bedazzled deck is the latest from our ongoing partnership with the Lower East Side’s Shut Skateboards, makers of decks and gear for riders on the meanest city streets since ‘86. 


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